Sra. Maria Luisa Sepulveda Edwards, President of the Museo de la Memoria y de los Derechos Humanos (Museum of Memory and Human Rights) of Santiago de Chile, presented this power point (in Spanish) in grassroots community of Santo Tomás de Aquino on 10th October 2018.

The museum explains to Chilean citizens the violations of Human Rights that occurred during the dictatorship (1973-1990) which started with the coup d’etat of Pinochet against Allende. The museum is an example of what we must build in Spain to explain the historical memory of the Franco regime.

The museum is also an invitation to the citizens of the world against those who call us to forget in favour of a false reconciliation:

We know that to repair it is necessary to take charge of the damages and after-effects on those who directly suffered in the societies to which they belonged. By trying to forget, you perpetuate the damage in future generations because all societies must dignify their victims and must educate to ensure no repetition and for the respect without limitations of the dignity of every human being we must face and resolve problems that are complex and this can only be achieved with reflection, debate and the consensus of all the citizens.

See the power point (at present, only available in Spanish), kindly click on Museo de la Memoria y de los Derechos Humanos