Delegates gather for the study dayBy tradition one day at the Conference is devoted to study.

Hugo Castelli reports

In the 2nd 2011 Forum of Església Plural «Christianity for a new worldwide  ethic», local members of Església Plural joined members of the European Network for Study Day. Joan Oñate presented the 3 speakers:

Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Unesco President, in a short video, talked about Religion as a means of solidarity

Josep Lluís Carod Rovira, former Vice-President of the Catalan autonomous region, described how the new secularist law of his government had been successful in providing equal rights for all religious and non-religious beliefs.

Basque theologian José Arregui showed how we can change the world by solidarity and democracy.

Following his 2-part discourse, 3 discussion groups were formed and people expressed themselves freely for 10 minutes.