We strongly criticise the misogyny of the Vatican and its attitude towards LGBTI persons and, of course, we demand the end of compulsory celibacy for the priesthood. We think that the Laity should receive full information on the finances of the Church and that local members should be able to participate in the election of bishops. Considering that the present situation of the priesthood as a caste separated from the Laity is one of the causes of the Church’s problems, we advocate for a new functioning of the Church including reformed ministries equally open to men and women.

Sexual abuses are not only a result of sexual frustration but are also due to a position of personal arrogance and power with which the Church has empowered priests to rule over their congregations. Furthermore, when cases of sexual abuses are denounced, the hierarchy is more interested in protecting the institution and the sexual predators than in helping and compensating the victims, ignoring the often lifelong suffering caused in the lives of innocent minors.

Our website www.en-re.eu provides information about EN-RE’s Constitution and Standing Orders and has links to the websites of most of our member groups and associated organizations like WAC-I (International Movement We are Church). EN-RE has the policy of holding Annual Conferences each year in a different member country but since many of our member groups are also members of WAC-I we have started since our Rome 2018 Annual Conference to hold a joint conference with WAC-I when it meets every two years in Rome.

All the members of the EN-RE feel that they are playing an important role both in the life of the Church which has to evolve into a more meaningful representation of the work of Jesus of Nazareth, and in our modern world in order to enlighten it with the Spirit of Jesus. This is why we want to hold our next Annual Conference in Vienna in May 2019 to share our experience and learn from other Christian grassroots communities in Eastern Europe about the way in which they interpret the gospels and act in the world accordingly.

As a final comment, EN-RE has no salaried staff and all work is carried out by volunteers. Each member country pays a small annual contribution to pay for our membership of the Council of Europe and travel expenses on official activities. Our Annual Conferences contain workshops to discuss new proposals for decisions in the plenary business meeting and a study day which is normally the opportunity of the local member group to express particular subjects of interest to their members and for their members to meet the international delegates from the EN-RE member groups.

EN-RE has chosen Vienna for 2019 Annual Conference because we have had previous meetings in the Pallottihaus and because of its proximity to Eastern Europe. So we propose to dedicate our Study Day to dialoguing with the Eastern European organizations that will accept our invitation to participate in our 2019 Annual Conference. This 2019 conference will give us the opportunity to launch a press release giving our position regarding the European Parliamentary elections.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Vienna.

Best regards,



Raquel Mallavibarrena

General coordinator of the EN-RE