Thirty delegates of member organisations of the European Network Church on the Move from fifteen European countries committed to putting into action the lines of the Council Vatican II met in London from 7 to 10 May to discuss the topic « Spirituality and Gender ».

They agreed the following:

1- In the face of the global, economic, financial, social and ecological crisis which is also a general crisis of the patriarcal order that is mirrored too in the church crisis, one is bound to set up a new model of economy in the service of children, men and women, a transparent and binding financial order and question the primacy of the principle of competition. On the eve of the election at the European Parliament, the Network addresses an appeal to the European Union towards a regulated world financial order and a social Europe. Its members commit themselves to take steps about these problems towards the political authorities of the European Union and in their respective countries. It will carry on its mobilisation towards an immigration policy of the European Union respectful of the rights of migrants and solidarity with them.

Read "Towards a Regulated Financial System and Social Europe"

2- Within the framework of its activity with the institutions of the European Union as a conviction-based organisation, and availing itself of its participatory status to the Council of Europe the European Network Church on the Move decides to engage into an «open, transparent and regular» dialogue according to the democratic principles of the Lisbon treaty, with a view to make a voice of base Catholics heard, as the COMECE, the technical commission of European Union episcopates, has not the capacity to reflect the diversity of Catholic opinion. It will carry on its activity in the European Parliament All Party Working Group « Separation of Religion and Politics».

Read "Resolution on EN/RE's activity with institutions of the European Union"

3- The project of a council of the People of God (Council-50) will be carried on in coordination with the projects under way on other continents (Canada, USA, South America, Australia and elsewhere).

4- So that the peoples of the South countries rich in natural resources can make profit of these the member groups of the Network are invited to join the association « Publish what you pay » and support its activists committed in Africa.

5- Bishops of Central America will be sent a letter calling on them to place as first priority in their pastoral work the fight for gender justice ad against violence to women.