1. Welcome
2. Minutes : Philippe Grolleau  accepts to write the minutes

3. Adoption of the minutes of the meeting of 21st June of the WG :
a) No comments : minutes adopted.

4. Activities since the last meeting
a) United Kingdom Permanent Representation : British recommendation of 2013 on Good Practice for Business & Human Rights. Find that INGO Conference is too invisible to PACE.
b) Spain's Permanent Representation : The Deputy Spanish ambassador may be ready to speak for a few minutes during the « side event » about the CoE recommendation. He recommends a reflection on the difference between refugees from wars (who would probably tend to return home as soon as possible) and economic refugees (who would probably want to stay in the country of residence).
c) The Danish Institute of Human Rights : On 2nd december an expert meeting to reflect on the Recommendation of the CoE on Business and Human Rights.
d) Christophe Sprenger advised that yesterday in Switzerland a coalition of 80 NGOs submitted an initiative to the chancellery about Swiss multinational companies obliging them to produce an annual report on their activities abroad with respect to Human Rights (the employers opposed this initiative a week before its submittal!). The approval process will take three years. LINK : The Swiss Coalition for Corporate Justice)

e) A colleague of Christophe has just launched an initiative concerning Human Rights and sustainability with respect to the 2020 Olympic Games.
f) Only two replies to the questionnaire sent to PWYP.
g) Meetings with :
Amnesty international France ;
Peuples Solidaires (Rana Plaza) ;
French members of Parliament (law on the obligation to monitor, in the mixed parliamentary committee) in which one MP is also a member of PACE ;
h) Proposals :
Contact with the Bangladesh Architects Institute and also with Slum Dwellers International.
Angie detailed her experience between 1982 and 1987 on the question of housing which lead to the adoption by the UN of the fact that the question of housing cannot be resolved without women.
Michel Aguilar :
La differentiation between types of refugees is questionable (Cf. §4 b above)
Conference too invisible (Cf. §4 above) :
the CoE standard video presentation now stresses the importance of the INGO Conference ;
the « side event » will benefit from all the technical aspects of this kind of event : be quick to reserve the room and material required from the Secretariat ;
the best date would be the wednesday so that the recommendation could be adopted immediately by the Human Rights Commission on the Thursday ;
the new procedure being developed for WGs and « side events » encourages contact from the start with other organisms of the CoE such as the PACE ;when the working group has closed, two or three persons should form a resource group for the Permanent Commi (PC) and be capable of mobilising the former membersof the WG when required.
« Side events » : a new procedure for implementation is being drawn up and a text will be issued in the conclusions of yesterday's PC.
Projects will not be permitted by the PC if there is no participation by other organisms of the PC (Cf. new procedures)

5. Draft recommendation :
a) Discussion of the modifications proposed by Michel Aguilar
b) Several modifications must be validated after consultation with qualified legal experts.
c) Proofreading and cleaning up the text
d) Transmittal to the Secretariat as soon as possible (as a minimum 10 weeks before the January session) for translations
e) Distribute as soon as possible the corrected draft document to our respective NGOs.

6. Outline of the « Side event »
a) Total duration 90 mn + ½ h discussion about the text of the recommendation the following day in the committee followed by a vote.
b) Plan for the intervention of a « senior representative » of the INGO Conference, of the Committee of Ministers (Anna, the rapporteur to the CM of their recommendation (for identification by J-B. Marie)
c) Ref point 6) of the outline : Intervention by a French member of Parliament specialised on a technical subject, for example, the draft French law on the obligation to monitor
d) A single person to make the presentation of the WG (R. Simon)
e) External communication (Cf. Respect the Conference Communication Charter)
f) Under 8 7) encourage Ms. Claire (Methven) O’Brien to propose a à proposer a follow-up mechanism to add « muscle » to the recommendation with which the INGO Conference will be associated
g) Intervention of the Deputy Ambassador of Spain: an example of follow-up by a Member State ?
h) Presentation of the recommendation of the WG
i) The « side event » requires a conclusion (Michel Aguilar)

7. Draft follow-up in the case of adoption by the INGO Conference

a) this working group must create a « resource » cell (Cf. §4 i) above)
b) draft a short text for the PC presenting what the WG considers as a follow-up.

11th October 2016