Bear in mind that the Conference of INGOs does not mix texts in English and French on the same link so to read the English versions you need to click on Individual Roadmaps of the COING's Thematic comittees

and to read the French versions on Feuilles de route individuelles de la COING

but take into account that today 10th December 2017, the Human Rights Committee Roadmap is only available in English, that of the Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Challenges is only in French and the Education & Culture's Roadmap is available in both languages.

Now you need to go down the page until you come to the 3 committees.

Click on Human Rights Draft Roadmap 2018-2020

Click on Education & Culture The Committee's Draft Roadmap for 2018-2020

Note that these are draft roadmaps that need to be discussed and adopted in the meetings of the committees in January 2018.  That is why I have called for EN-RE members and friendly associations to offer your comments.

Spanish translations of the 3 Roadmaps are now complete and will be uploaded separately on our website.