First of all see the Programme for the Highlights of the October Session which has links to:

- the programmes of the Plenaries of the three Thematic Committees

- Details of a documentary film about the favourable treatment of migrants in Luxembourg

- the Adoption of the Revised Code of Good Practice for Civil Participation in the Decision-making Process which was adopted by both the Conference of INGOs and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities.

You can read the text here

- a Training Programme for improving contacts by INGOs with the three other members of the Council of Europe Quadrilogue (Parliamentary Assembly, Congress, Committee of Ministers)

See also:

-The declaration on the Situation in NorthEast Syria

- Recommendation CONF/PLE(2019)REC3 on Equality between Women and Men and

- Recommendation CONF/PLE(2019)REC4 on climate change, migration and human rights

There was a debate on the project to streamline the INGO Conference in line with the other three units of the Quadrilogue of the Council of Europe.  This involves simplifying the structure and changing the thematic committees into Task Forces.

Details of working group meetings to follow later.