The title Reducing anxiety to avoid exclusion and violence belongs to the Intercultural Cities Working Group Presentation during the Plenary of the Education & Culture Committee on 29th October 2019. These documents are also associated with a possible Religions Subgroup of the Gender Perspectives in Political Processes GPPP working group of the Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Challenges Committee.

Dr Carola Roloff, Visiting Professor at the Academy of Religions of the University of Hamburg presented two power points on

Gender based anxiety and Identity Formation in Europe, the latter with Professor Wolfram Weisse. 

Click on Roloff Text for Carola's explanations and  Weisse Text for Wolfam's comments.

Dr Axel Brintzinger also presented a short power point  and an accompanying text on Cultivating Emotional Balance

Carola Roloff has invited Anne Hege Grung, Associate Professor in Practical Theology at the Practical Theology Seminary in Oslo to join the GPPP subgroup on Religions and sent us Anne's article Transreligious Critical Hermeneutics and Gender Justice: Contested Gendered Species, Chapter 12 of the book Contested Spaces/Common Ground, edited by Ulrich Winkler, Lídia Rodríguez Fernández and Oddbjorn Leirvik.

Another document mentioned is the article by Aernout J. Nieuwenhuis, State and Religion, a multidimensional relationship:  Some comparative law remarks.  This article cannot be uploaded without written permission from the Oxford University Press.

I hope to add shortly the article Begin to deconstruct the enemy, by Gaudiose V. Luhahe, doctoral researcher in ethics at the University of Strasbourg

See also the article, on our website, by the Spanish theologian Juan José Tamayo, The International of Hatred assaults Power brandishing the Bible.