Kindly click on Human rights and religions (2015) to download from the Council of Europe Online Resources section this booklet containing the documents prepared by the working group Human Rights and Religions, chaired by François Becker, in the Human Rights Committee and adopted by the corresponding plenaries of the Conference of INGOs. 

Note:  On page 5 of the PRESENTATION the link to the 148 page Draft Report (in French only) of the Working Group established in the Human Rights Committee of the INGO Conference is no longer valid.  To read it, kindly click on Rapport provisoire*.

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As you probably know the official languages of the Council of Europe are English and French but that does not stop volunteers from translating this interesting document for the world of today into their own language.  The Spanish translation is now complete and available on our website both in Word and pdf.  The pdf version is easier to read.  EN-RE would be happy to upload more language versions so volunteers are welcome to make more translations.  That way our it is easier for our fellow citizens to contrast, in their own language, the contents of Human rights and religions with events in the world today. 

Kindly contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to start on another language translation or have any question you would like answered.

*9th April 2020.  I have just finished reading the Draft Report.  It is a magnificent document and well worth reading!