This Human Rights Guide for Small and medium-sized companies, supplied to the European Union in 23 European languages + Chinese and Japanese, is very practical. You can download it in your own language version directly from the website of the Danish company Global CSR that wrote the different language versions of the bulletin.

You can also download the English and French versions from the INGO Conference Human Rights & Business website, where there is a lot of useful information.

Eventually I hope to upload all 25 language versions onto EN-RE's website with your comments. I invite you to read the whole bulletin and especially pages 12-20 which give examples of human rights infringements and I ask you to select the example you think is most important and write a short note indicating your reasons and send it to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and optionally, you can add your name, city, country, etc.

My data: Hugo Charles Castelli Eyre, Madrid, Spain

For example: The paragraph that makes me demand political action is: Abolition of slavery and forced labour on Page 18 because:

it reminds me about the situation of thousands of foreign temporary agricultural workers in Spain whose pay is too low to allow them to finance adequate accomodation and a proper diet AND have sufficient funds left over to send money to their families back home, which is why they have come over in the first place.

Furthermore, the squalid living conditions of these temporary workers has led to new outbreaks of the coronavirus pandemics in some areas of Spain

Your comments: