The European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development (EPF) has published in English a 46-page bulletin entitled Restoring the Natural Order , the religious extremists' vision to mobilise European societies against human rights on sexuality and reproduction.

It is now also possible to download a Polish version of this text by clicking on PRZYWRACANANIE NATURANNEGO PORZADKU

Elsewhere on our website you can find the versions in French and Italian and now there is a Spanish version


And by clicking on ABOUT EPF - BOOKLET,

you find access to a 4-page bulletin about the EPF in (as listed) English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Rumanian, Bosnian Herzogovinan, Russian, Italian, German, Latvian, Albanian, Dutch and Turkish.

The Anti-Gender movement apparently is approved by the Catholic Church and other conservative religious organizations but EN-RE contends that freedom of expression must be limited by the principles of secularism as expressed in the Conference of INGOs publication HUMAN RIGHTS AND RELIGIONS, coordinated by EN-RE's former General Secretary François Becker.