Hugo Castelli writes

Intermón Oxfam rates tax evasion in 3rd World Countries by extractive industry multinationals at between 650 thousand million and one billion US$.  If these companies paid their host governments fair royalties and applied the environmental and labour regulations they adhere to in their home countries, they would still make a good profit and 3rd World economies would not need to borrow at exorbitant rates.  Read all about it in Memoria de Actividad in the Spanish section of the EN-RE website.

Intermón Oxfam like Partenia 2000 & Cristianos@de Base (Iglesia de Base de Madrid) are amongst the 350 members of the Publish What you Pay Coalition which links NGOs in the North with civil society organizations (CSOs) in the South to work together to change international legislation...

 You can take part in this campaign!  Take a look at and see which are the member organizations in your country. Then contact them! Any organization can join the PWYP Coalition provided it endorses the PWYP Mission Statement & provides details.  There is no membership cost.

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