Joan Oñate abrió el Encuentro y pidió a cada uno de los 38 miembros procedentes de 14 países europeos para que en un minuto se presentaran a sí mismos y a su organización-miembro.



The first welcome session of the Conference

Joan Oñate opened the Conference and asked each of the 38 registered members present from 14 European countries to identify themselves and give 1-minute description of their member organizations.

The EN Coordinating Group meet on Conference ThursdayHot on the heels of the Secretariat came the meeting of the Coordinating Team.

First of all they appreciated the work that had been undertaken by the Catalonian group to organise the conference in such a beautiful venue.

The Coordinating group consists of 15 people who give a voice to the cultural and linguistic groups of Europe.  It assists the Secretariat is setting up the discussions and debates.