Judge in the light of the Gospel-

presented at the Round Table by Benjamin Forcano

  1. Europe must increase solidarity if we want avoid that some countries live very well while other countries sink. We can only achieve this with mutual  understanding and cooperation of all of us.
  2. Some people may think that there is no way out. Today, public awareness rejects any attempt of domination based on inequality.

Everyone, and particularly economists, should abide by the following principle: "Freedom, justice and peace in the world are based on the recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of the human family" (Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

3. The total respect for the person remains carved in this first universal norm: "Every human being must be treated humanely." Four principles derive from this rule: 1. Respect life. 2. Practice justice 3. Be honest and truthful. 4. Love and respect others.

4.  A universal outcry rejects capitalism. Everyone's life is worth the same and this brings us together to repudiate all injustice.

5.  Jesus of Nazareth, announces a new project of coexistence that includes, enhances and deepens the values of equality, justice and fraternity.

6. Jesus of Nazareth sets a new and important principle for this new project: "Be compassionate as your heavenly Father is compassionate." Along with the following: 1.Whatever is done to the needed, you did it to me. 2. My neighbor is he who stands before me as needed. 3. The last shall be the first.

7. The solution to the failure of a human project of coexistence comes from love and compassion and involves four fundamental attitudes: -Do not serve the god, money. –Be close to those who suffer most. -Defend what belongs to all. -Act with compassion and tenderness.

8. The current situation is not a total loss. From an ethical and universal point of view and from the central message of religions and of the gospel, we can enforce new forms of life, more social, more equal and more fraternal, henceforth achieving the gift of peace.