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25th January: The newly elected officials of the INGO Conference:

Anne Nègre presented a motion to change the French term Droits de l’Homme (Rights of Man-kind) coined in the French Revolution to Droits Humains (Human Rights) since women in French speaking countries have always seen Droits de l’Homme as a barrier to womens’ rights.

The motion was carried with a large majority.

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18th January: The programme of the Thematic Committee Meetings and Plenaries during the week of 22nd to 26th January. Click on Calendar for the programme of meetings, which will be reported in the June 2018 session.

12th January: Conference of INGOs meetings in Estonia and Serbia.

These meetings are arranged jointly with the permanent diplomatic representations to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and with INGOs from the visited countries.

During the plenary of 26th January, the ambassadresses of Estonia and Serbia addressed the Conference of INGOs with their comments on the Report issued by the Conference after the country visits and the local INGO representatives gave their views on both the reports and the comments of the authorities of their countries.

The next Conference of INGO visits planned are to the Republic of Macedonia and the UK.