In these times of tensions caused by war and climate change when populists promote solutions that discriminate against minorities of disadvantaged people because of their differences in wealth, culture, colour and beliefs, this "Provisional Report" of the working group formed by a group of delegates at the Conference of INGOs, believers of different religions or humanist convictions, from diverse cultures and nationalities, shows how dialogue between people of different convictions can lead, through mutual respect, to agreement on a document that promotes secularism, namely. a society in which all convictions have equal status because they give preference to social welfare over personal beliefs.

The "Human Rights and Religions" working group that drafted the original French document had François Becker of EN-RE as rapporteur; Hugo Castelli made the English translation with François' help and organised this translation into Spanish with members of the Madrid-based community Santo Tomás de Aquino to which he belongs and which is affiliated to EN-RE through Redes Cristianas because it believes that this is a very important public document to promote social peace.

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Minutes of the Council of Europe working group Human Rights and religions

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A summary of this full report of the working group was written in terms of recommendations that were approved almost at unanimity by the INGO Conference and was then published by the council of Europe. This booklet can be downloaded from the website of the Council of Europe à the url:

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