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RRCC's first conference with the title “LET'S GLOBALISE HUMAN DIGNITY” took place in Madrid in November 2007; the second conference “SOLIDARITY ALTERNATIVES TO THE CRISIS” was held in Bilbao in October 2009 (and was reported on the European Network's website.) And now the 3rd Conference starts on 29th-30th October in Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain.


Since RRCC started in April 2006 with the object of “announcing the good news of the Kingdom” to a an increasingly secular complex society and a petrified Church, incapable of accepting the signs of the times, it has recognised the plurality of an intercultural and democratic citizenship unrestricted by limits of ethnic origin, religion or nationality, open to discussions about immigration and the growing dangers of exclusion.


Since RRCC's member groups are from all over Spain, its bi-annual conferences take place in different locations. *Note that Spanish progressive Catholics call themselves Christians rather than Catholics, hence the name Redes Cristianas (Christian Networks). The word “Catholic” is associated with the official Church hierarchy which openly supported the Franco dictatorship as a “crusade”, has never mouthed a mea culpa and continues to maintain an oppressive stance.


On the other hand, although, at present, all the member groups of Redes Cristianas are catholics, the organization is open to member groups of other Christian denominations and also to believers of non-Christian religions or humanist beliefs.


At the Jerez Conference, participants will take part in the following workshops:


  • A secular spirituality (CSI)

  • Building alternative networks with social movements

  • Transexuality: An approach to gender identity

  • Community & plurality (M)

  • Interreligiosity & pacifism

  • Building a plural Church (CSI)

  • Mediation in intercultural conflicts

  • Healing & health recovery for women from the Faith

  • Instruments for integration from a multicultural perspective

  • The class struggle for a just & alternative society (IBdeM)

  • An analysis of the 15M movement (of Spanish young people against the crisis) (IBdeM)

  • Repercussions of the crisis in Andalusia

  • Towards a spirituality theology for 21st century Christian communities


Redes Cristianas is a member of the European Network and its fellow Spanish member groups of the EN, Corriente Somos Iglesia (CSI), Moceop (M) (member of the Fédération européene de prêtres mariés) and Iglesia de Base de Madrid (IBdeM) also contribute the workshops marked with their initials.


For full details of the conference in Spanish, click on REDES CRISTIANAS on the Castellano page.