We are welcoming Europe is a citizens' initiative that is calling for one million signatures from citizens of the European Union and its "goal is to secure 1 million signatures and public support by February 2019 to pass key EU migration reform priorities as part of the 2019 European elections.  The demands focus on community sponsorships, decriminalising service-provision and defending victims of labour exploitation and human rights abuses".

There are "Let's help" campaigns in 14 European countries but the following countries are not yet involved in the campaign:  Spain, Portugal, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Switzerland.

EN-RE wants to become a partner supporting this campaign and members should belong to or start "Let's help" groups in our own countries such as, for me, Spain, so please click on  https://weareawelcomingeurope.eu   and sign the appeal.

Hugo Castelli Eyre, Madrid, Spain