26th Annual Conference of the European Network
25-28 May 2017


Report on interconvictional activities in the frame of G3i
International, Intercultural and Interconvictional Group
presented by François Becker 7th of May 2017

The G3i was created on the initiative of the European Network of Church on the Move, following the decision to develop interreligious openings, made at its annual conference in Madrid in 2005. From its inception, the group decided to expand to the bearers of atheist and agnostic belief to become a group deepening interconvictional relationships and addressing societal issues in an interconvictional way.
Therefore, several members of the EN-RE contribute to the works of G3i since its creation. Presently, are members of the G3i :: Gerd Wild (Initiative Christenrechte in der Kirche, Germany) ; Sylvie Kempgens (PAVES Belgium; François Becker, Bernard Quelquejeu, Denyse Boyer (FHEDLES, France) ; Jean Riedinger (Parvis, France) ; Vittorio Bellavité (Noi Siamo Chiesa, Italy).

Activities since the Annual Conference of Rome


The G3i met 10 times for working meetings on issues about unequal depth of convictions, the concept of interconvictionality and its implementation in Europe, interconvictionality and identity, and what interconvictionality brings in the responsible exercise of freedoms and in the best way of living together. This work is published on the website www.g3i.eu

François Becker and Bernard Quelquejeu participated in the debate organized by the G3i and the Diasporique magazine on February 9, 2016 on the theme: "interconvictionality, truth and freedom of thought", published in French in the April 33, 2016 issue of Diasporique.
(http://www.diasporiques.org/Diaspo_33_D%C3%A9bat.pdf ),

François Becker spoke on 20 April 2016 at the study day of the European Doctoral College on "Freedom-Security-Surveillance" with a conference entitled "Responsible exercise of freedoms and interconvictional dialogue" (text available in French).

The G3i, with the active participation of its EN-RE members, has drawn up a proposal for the establishment of a "European charter on interconvictionality". A feature article entitled "For a Charter of interconvictionality" is soon to appear in the journal Diasporique. Expanded work on this Charter is under way, both in France (next meeting in the Senate) and in Europe (forthcoming meeting in the Council of Europe).

The English version of the proceedings of the symposium organized by the G3i at the Council of Europe on the theme "Becoming citizens of a plural Europe, interconvictional space and practice" was published by publibook.
  (https://www.publibook.com/?s=Francois+Becker )