In EN-RE member group Redes Cristianas, over the last few months we had a growing difference of opinion about Catalan independence between member groups in Catalonia and the rest of Spain so I asked M. Christoph SPRENG to see if it was possible to have a Spanish version of the Intercultural Dialogue toolkit.  Christoph advised that toolkits require a fair amount of groundwork before a specific toolkit can be written but he sent me the Draft Introduction & overview of the Chapters of the Toolkit for conducting Intercultural Dialogue

Ms. Anna RURKA, President of the Conference of INGOs, advised that the Council of Europe has revised its terminology for Intercultural Dialogue by referring to Human Rights in culturally diverse societies - New guidelines.

I have not yet read these guidelines but I think the European Human Rights Court factsheets make interesting reading.  A series of .pdfs are listed.  Click on your preferred language to see which documents have been translated.

Presumably the Toolkit Guide will be reedited to introduce the new way of discussing dialogue between people of different cultures.  When I was a boy in England THEM AND US were simple key words of opposing different cultures on a class basis. We need to get to know  people of different cultures to realise how their basic problems are the same as ours and how much we can learn from them.

The Toolkit Guide is now being translated into Spanish but in Redes Cristianas we have not needed to use it.  We have overcome our differences on an amicable basis.

Hugo Castelli Eyre, EN-RE, 22nd January 2018