Kindly click on Human rights and religions (2015) to download from the Council of Europe Online Resources section this booklet containing the 3 official texts prepared by the working group Human Rights and Religions, chaired by François Becker, in the Human Rights Committee and adopted by the corresponding plenaries of the Conference of INGOs in 2013 and 2014.

Alternatively, you can read them separately:

Recommendation CONF/PLE(2013)REC4 on Human Rights and Religions

Decision CONF/PLE(2014)DEC2 Proposed avenues of approach and action for members and leaders of religions

Appeal CONF/PLE(2014)APP1 An appeal to the citizens of Europe and international non-governmental organisations (INGOs)

Another alternative is to read them in the very interesting Provisional Report, the English  translation (available since 1st November 2020) of the Rapport provisoire, that the working group produced in French in Febuary 2014, and which describes how the project began with a request from the Commissioner of Human Rights of the Council of Europe and details how its members, containing believers of different religions and schools of thought, expressed their findings, commented the issues of the report and developed over six chapters:

I. The emergence and evolution of human rights, role and impact of religions and schools of thought.

II. Tensions in the formulation of human rights.

III. Conflicts of rights amonst freedoms: freedoms of religion, expression and conscientious objection.

IV. Religions and human rights for Women.

V. Religions and human rights for LGBT persons.

VI. For a constructive articulation between religions, schools of thought and human rights: Secularism for Europe

The Report ends with an appendix on International Treaties, jurisprudence quoted in the text and 17 pages of Notes referred to in the text.

You can read this article on our website in French and Spanish: Droits humains et religions and  Derechos Humanos y Religiones