Redes Cristianas has informed its member groups about the 94 minute video report available on the French ARTE television channel from 8 March until 10 May 2022 in English, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Italian and requests we give the maximum publicity about this important document about the continued sexual abuse of nuns by Catholic priests.

It is appalling what is reported about the depravity of some priests but it is also shocking to see the degree of submission and fear of those nuns who were not able to react until much later to the hell they were living through.

Click on Sex Slaves of the Catholic Church to see the report which lasts 94 minutes and is available from 8 March until 10 May 2022.

We can ask ourselves how is it possible that so much sex abuse and oppression exists in the Catholic Church? One possible answer is the question: Does the Catholic Church really follow and practice the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth?

Redes Cristianas's editorial of 6th March 2022 entitled in Spanish: La Iglesia como "Comunidad" o "Asamblea"suggests that Christianity from its beginning never followed the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth as explained in the synoptic gospels: his appreciation of women, his belief in love of one's neighbour being the best way of loving God, his criticism of established religion and that wealth existed to be shared. Over the centuries the knowledge and meaning of his message has been suppressed in favour of maintaining an oppressive religious structure as described in theologian José María Castillo's book "El evangelio marginado" (The Gospel shunned).

The editorial ends with the hope that the Synod of Synodality will change the way the Church applies the teaching of Jesus.

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