My friend Rafael Díaz Arias, a former reporter of foreign affairs for TVE (Spanish State Television) and who retired in early Spring from his position as professor in the Journalism Faculty of the Madrid Complutense University, has been writing a blog for several years called Periodismo Global: la otra mirada (Global Journalism: the other viewpoint).

Now in this month of September and under the title Guerra ideológica (Ideological Warfare), Rafael has published a series of three short articles about messages of hate speech that circulate in the social media. His articles contain counter arguments that explain the real context of the false arguments of the social media.

Although his blog incorporates a simultaneous translator in more than 50 languages,

I found the automatic translation of Ideological Warfare I required a lot of rewriting so I preferred to translate the other two articles directly. Personal typed translation has the advantage that you need to fully understand the text so it is a bit like meditation.

Rafael is a member of the grassroots christian Community Santo Tomás and so he belongs, as such, to both Redes Cristianas and the European Network Church on the Move. I am publishing these articles on our website and I am sending them to the working group Digital Citizenship of the Education & Culture Committee of the INGO Conference of the Council of Europe because they contain important arguments that favour social cohesion in Europe. I have sent other articles by Rafael to Digital Citizenship so I ask you to send me your contribution.

Now click on Ideological Warfare I, Ideological Warfare II and Ideological Warfare III, one after the other to read the texts.

Best regards, Hugo Castelli Eyre