Since the 20th annual Conference held at Mennorode, the G3i met five times ion Paris : 10 June 2010, 28 September 2010, 9 December 2010, 11 February 2011 et 26 April 2011. As it committed itself to do it, the G3i continued to enlarge itself in order to reflect more  the different cultures, convictions and schools of thoughts ion Europe. It welcomed this year a member of the Buddhist Union, an INGO awarded the participatory status of the Council of Europe.

1) Interconvictional activities

 The G3i was invited by AFAN (All Faiths and None) to contribute to the reflection on the creation of an european network of associations of different convictions, either atheistic, humanist or religious, with the aim to increase the exchanges and mutual understanding between them, and to prepare a platform that puts forward the shared values for the building up of Europe and the development of its social cohesion.

The G3i attended the meeting planned the 17th of March at Brussels where the first ideas of what this network should be have been discussed as well as the venue of a conference planned ion novembre december 2011 at Brussels where the G3i will be invited to intervene on the theme : “ Building trust between among communities and european citizens ».

2) Relations with the European Institutions




- European Commission

In order to establish a program that fits with the projects and program of the European Union, the G3i contacted Xavier Troussard, after he met M. Cesar das Neves in September 2009 (see the minutes of Mennorode). A report on the G3i has been sent to him. Although M. Troussard looked interested by the orientations and goals of the G3i, there are not yet any concrete results. Another approach is in progress in cooperation with AFAN (All Faiths and None), and English association having goals very similar to that of the G3i (see §2).

- European Parliament

Regular links are established between the G3i and the Parliamentary Plateform for Secularity in Politics ( ). The G3i is regularly invited to the meetings at Brussels. Hubert Tournès who represents the European Network Church on the Move informs regularly the G3i. He wrote a paper on article 17 of the Lisbon Treaty,  that is placed on the web site of the Platform.

The G3i applied to membership of the Advisory Board of the Platform. This application is being processed. He also joined the « Alliance for a secular Europe » that is presently managed by David Pollock the President of the Humanist European Federation.

- Council of Europe

Several members of the G3i attend regularly the sessions of the INGO Conferenc of the Council of Europe and contribute to the work of the Council of Europe in this framework : Religious dimension religieuse of the intercultural dialogue, Universality of Human rights versus diversity of relligions, Human rights and religions

Several conacts are in progress ion order to hold at the Council of Europe a study day on the theme :  « Becoming citizens ion a plural Europe : Interconvictional spaces and practices »

The  financial difficulties encountered by the Council of Europe and the INGO Conference and consequently its restructuration make the venue of this study day more difficult. Contacts are still in progress as well as thoughts on the best way to proceed.


3) Préparation of an European working program


The most important activity was the preparation of a programme that the G3i intends to organise at the european level. This is not without difficulties. This work gave the opportunity of an important reflection on concepts such that conviction, opinion, position, belief, faith, etc. and on the way they are born, they grow and evolve through intra and interconvictional contacts. The G3i arrive at the conclusion that there is a lack of interconvictional spaces at the european level and that its work should be focused on the establishment of such secular spaces. At this end it suggested to create an advisory board, that is not yet in place.

Taking account of the reactions of the european entities that were consulted, the work programme of the G3i evolved. It might comprise :

- one study daya t the Council of Europe at Strasbourg (see § 1)

- a cycle of conferences on teh concept of interconvictionality ;.

- a contribution to the european research project RELIGARE on the theme « Public spaces » in cooperation with the universities committed to this program. Contacts have been made with these universities.



The G3i acquired a theoretical an experience and an expertise  that allow it to go ahead in its projects, but it did not succeed yet to have these projects funded. Several members of the G3i could not attend this year the meetings and this should lead to some bias in the results of the studies. The G3i should pursue its effort to insure that all the convictions are taken into account in its work.  .

The G3i should continue its efforts in order to develop its impact at the level of the European institutions. At this end it should continue to increase its number of members.

In the present world, it is essential to have a visibility on the web. The G3i should find a webmaster who could create and maintain a web site. It could be a place to publish the work of the G3i, to develop links with other movements having the same goals and to inform on what is done in the world in its area of expertise. The name «  » is already bought.


The European Network Church on the Move, being aware of the activities of the G3i and of its projects, agrees to continue to be part of the G3i.